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3dplants.com Products
Models and textures
for any 3D application...
3dmax, Lightwave, Maya,
Cinema 4d, Bryce, Vue, Poser,
Terragen, Zbrush, Carrara,
and many more!
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Deep Exploration  - Speed through work by viewing, translating and publishing all your 2D graphics and 3D models. A powerful tool, Deep Exploration also provides high quality renderings of 3D objects and scenes and lets you create interactive 3D content and animations for web-based presentation.

Deep Paint 3D  - Gives 3D artists an intuitive, easy to use tool to paint and texture 3D models interactively in 3D. It uses textures or natural medium that can be brushed directly or projected onto 3D models and scenes.

Deep UV - A breakthrough in UV mapping technology. Using unique new mathematical techniques Deep UV offers a superior application for the creation and modification of UV mapping for n-polygonal models within an interactive 2D and 3D UV mapping environment.

Deep Creator - New from Right Hemisphere! Deep Creator is a powerful authoring application to create interactive 3D environments, assemblies and objects. This application delivers an integrated authoring environment which includes a 3D modeler, a texture creator, and a scripting engine in one package, all essential to producing powerful interactive 3D content. The products' high performance toolset and "game" engine empowers you to create 3D interactive scenes and walkthroughs for training, simulation, support, and sales and marketing applications.

Bryce 5 - An extremely versatile 3D modeling and rendering application. Excellent for creating 3D terrains, and realistic outdoor or indoor scenes. Recently acquired by Daz3D. (formerly Corel, originally from Metacreations).

3D Max - The industry standard 3D Modeling software, by Kinetix,inc.

LightWave 3D - Professional 3D modeling, rendering, and animation software. Another industry standard.

Plant Studio - Botanical Illustration software - creates plants that are exportable as 3D models!  An excellent application for designing all types of plants and vegetation. Numerous adjustable parameters allow for almost infinite variations of plant forms which can be exported as DXF, 3DS, and several other popular file formats. And the best part... it's FREE!

Architecture et Construction 3D - 3D architectural, garden & landscape design software from Anuman Interactive (French version only). Includes many models from the 3dplants.com collection!

Rhino 3D - "Nurbs" modeling software. Very versatile, with lots of import and export options. Fully functional demo available.

Poser - The 3D software for human and animal figure rendering and animation. Figures can be exported to a variety of 3D file formats. Formerly by Metacreations, now owned by Curious Labs, inc.

True Space - Commercial 3D software from Caligari corporation.

Soft Image 3D - A popular 3D modeling and rendering application.

Maya 3D - Commercial 3D package from Wavefront.

Terragen - Photo-realistic 3D scenery and terrain rendering software.

Jardin et Paysages 3D - 3D Garden & Landscape design software from Anuman Interactive (French version only). Includes models from the 3dplants.com collection!

Breeze Designer (freeware) - 3D modeling and polygon mesh editing utility. Also includes rendering, and basic animation functions. Fully functional.

3DWin - A nice little utility for converting 3D file formats. Supports multiple import and export formats. Shareware, fully functional.

3D Architectural Software and Cad Design Software - PunchCAD offers state-of-the-art tools for creating and editing CAD drawings. Both 3D and 2D autocad software, both Macintosh (Mac) and PC.

Design Software, Home Design - 3D Home Architect provides full suite of software to design your home of your dreams. 3D Home Architect has what will make your home interior design, kitchen remodeling, room design, interior decorating and so on....

Object Maker 3D Software - Easy to use, Intuitive, fun, a powerful 3d model design tool. Object Maker is an exciting new software that lets you create real life 3d models. It is a powerful yet simple tool to use and Object Maker's intuitive design is easy to learn and just plain FUN! Object Maker is a great way to be introduced and learn the exciting world of 3d modeling Exports to BMP TXT DXF OBJ


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