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3dplants.com Products
Models and textures
for any 3D application...
3dmax, Lightwave, Maya,
Cinema 4d, Bryce, Vue, Poser,
Terragen, Zbrush, Carrara,
and many more!
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3D Commune - The artist's community. A 3D graphics portal with every imaginable resource for the 3D artist/designer. Galleries, message boards, products, tutorials, and much, much more!

Renderosity.com - A great resource site for any 3D artist - includes galleries, forums, products, reviews, free downloads, tips & tricks, and more. Nicely organized into categories based on software types. 

Digital Artworks - A computer graphics gallery. Contains artwork submitted by 3D artists from all over the world.

3D Artists - Gallery, interviews, tutorials, job center, artist directory. A great place to view the best work of some of the most talented 3D artists in the world.


3DXO - Welcome to 3DXO...the Portal for 3D Artists, 3D Developer and 3D Fanatics! Your source for free 3d models, textures, galleries, software, plugins, books, & much more!

Bryce Forum Gallery - An international coalition of digital artists display their work (Bryce images).

Daz3D - 3D content for art and animation. Includes an extensive inventory of Poser products & accessories, as well as 3D software and plug-ins for many popular design applications. The site also features galleries, forums, tutorials, contests, freebies, and lots of useful information for 3D enthusiasts. Daz3D has recently acquired ownership of the ever-popular 3D design program - Bryce!

3D Valley - One of the largest and most complete link directories with the best FREE models, textures, tutorials, discussion forums, and a large and diverse user gallery of original 3D art images.

 Infinitee Designs

Infinitee Designs - Galleries of 3D graphics, 2D illustrations, photography, tutorials, models, resources, full service Web Design, sci-fi, fantasy art, Rock T-shirts, posters, stickers, free wallpaper and actions, sensual & psychedelic art, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Bryce, Poser & Photoshop art by Ralph Hawke Manis.


InnerTraveler.com - Innertraveler.com offers Free Wallpapers (3D and 2D), lively forums, tutorials and a new
public art gallery where each artist can upload and build his or her personal section. Plus Innertraveler offers a Yoga and Meditation Center overseen by an experienced professional yoga instructor.

Art4All-All4Art - Artists Community, Image galleries, 3D-art, 2D-art, Computer generated graphics, Free downloads, Forums

Curious3D.com - Professional 3D Artist Cynthia Frederick displays samples of her work and offers products, free downloads, and other resources for 3D enthusiasts.

PlanIt3d.com - A great 3D resource with free meshes, tutorials, message boards, galleries, & more.

Mangalocity.com - "Manga" is a form of story illustration that has been popular in Japan for many years. This site includes an extensive gallery of Manga artwork, as well as resources and information for aspiring Manga artists and writers to help them get their work published.

BIGREDDS Bryce 5 Page - Galleries of Bryce 5 images created by BigRedd. Also includes a section for displaying artwork submitted by other artists.

The 123d.com - A great source for 3D Furniture Models. They specialize in 3DS and 3D Max formats, but other file formats are available upon request. The site also includes a Gallery of 3D artwork, tutorials, and an informative 3D News & Articles section.

RockThe3D - RockThe3D is a blog site to provide and sharing the best 3d related knowledge and resources around. Focused on the 3d, including 3d software’s, 3d animations, 3d tutorials, 3d games, 3d resources, 3d inspirations and all about 3d. Rock the 3D will help our readers to learn and develop there 3d skills.

Seventh Complex Art Community - Home to the most exquisite artwork - powered by imagination!



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