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3dplants.com Products
Models and textures
for any 3D application...
3dmax, Lightwave, Maya,
Cinema 4d, Bryce, Vue, Poser,
Terragen, Zbrush, Carrara,
and many more!
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The Animation Developers Network - Community for those who are interested in creating animation, comics, or other cartoon art. Provides galleries and facilitates collaboration with other artists.



Weirdass.net - An excellent online comic strip created with 3D models and software. Also includes other artwork, animations, music, & more.


Continuum  - Free 3D models, 360 degree spherical maps of the sky, and 360 degree environmental photos. These images can be mapped onto a sphere for use in any 3D program. The site also includes 3D illustration and animation galleries showcasing the artwork of 3D artist Ric Lopez-Fabrega.

Bryce Worlds - A Bryce gallery, and links to shareware & other Bryce sites. The site also includes a Public Bryce Gallery which is organized into categories, from which monthly award winners are selected based on an automated public rating system.

Dare 2 Vue - A very nice gallery of images created by an artist using Vue d'Esprit software.

Animusic - An awesome collection of music-driven 3D animations. Available on VHS, DVD, or CD. Sample video clips and audio files are available for download. Surreal and futuristic instruments move and function in perfect synchronization with a vibrant and beautiful soundtrack of original musical compositions!

Infinitee Designs - Galleries of 3D graphics, 2D illustrations, photography, tutorials, models, resources, full service Web Design, sci-fi, fantasy art, Rock T-shirts, posters, stickers, free wallpaper and actions, sensual & psychedelic art, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Bryce, Poser & Photoshop art by Ralph Hawke Manis.

Cloudland Castle Designs - If you love 3D graphic designing this is the place for you. Using such programs as Bryce, Poser, Cinema 4D Go and Vue d'Espirit I can offer many free downloads. Check out my store a large selection of 3D objects for sale in all categories. Check out the Egyptian and the Animal sections I offer for sale. Two galleries to view and a Tutorial page. Twenty years experience in the graphic world makes me able to offer my expertise in graphic designing and webpage management. So please feel free to explore my realm and find out what all I offer.

Real Estate Animation - Axon 3D - Axon 3D is one the leading creative agencies specialized in creating high quality architectural visualization and animation as per the business requirements.



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